Early Learning: The Complete Recordings

by Lawful Killing

We Are L.K. 02:30
So many people, they’re playing in bands, They’re singing their lyrics but they don’t understand, They hit those chords with their nail polished hands, They prance on stage with their punk romance When we bust down the gleaming doors Our signal pumping right through the floor We’ll rock your back bone until it’s straight We’ll pound you senseless, til you take the bait I don’t know, who the fuck wants in But we’ll keep fighting all the mortal sin With each and everyone in this troop Now I’ll tell you the names of my raging group! Thad and Oscar on guitars Joe McMahon, he hits em hard Olly Coyne, he shreds them strings We are Lawful Killing, and we’re fucking everything!
Coin Toss 01:48
You open up your shops, Yes I know your type. Leeches flock around and I don’t know why You pedal the metal, that shiny reward The people none the wiser now their wallets ain’t full. Coin toss Your loss Smashing on the buttons til you light up your fruit Stashing up the cash til you lose all your loot Flooding onto pavements for your fag butt fix The owner robbing you with the smack of his lips. Coin Toss Your loss You’ve been around forever, yes I know your kind. Money wasting people while you waste their lives. I’ll pedal some metal right into your shop, So I’ll be the one laughing when the coin is next tossed.
Take a step left, take a step right Marching on the wheel of commercial foresight You get off on the treadmill, your daily release Is to march until cum upon the beginning of next week Conscripted corporate tell me how Help me find that gold cash cow Conscripted corporate sign me on Off shore accounts get me frothing at the mouth The city is my playground as I stomp upon my ground Moderate risk investments is not how I like to play My advice, roll the dice while I slam so more cocaine. Conscripted corporate tell me how Help me find that gold cash cow Conscripted corporate sign me on
Magic grandpa, tell me who you really are White hair, brown suit Cold stare, clumpy shoes Are you the one to choose? Will this generation lose? Are you the one to choose? Grandpa are you mad? A rotten fruit that's just gone bad Are you supposed to be the saviour? Well this ain't the right behaviour. So go and do us all a favour, Kick the bucket sooner than later. The country was at its knees. Took a backseat conveniently The revolution will go on Protect us from the liberal cons Eradicate Zion Leader you're the only one The damage is already done. Magic grandpa, I know who you really are White hair, brown suit Cold stare, clumpy shoes Are you the one to choose Will this generation lose? And there's nothing you can do There is no one to choose Until someone gets a clue.
Local Heroes 01:45
Fighting the fight, the good fight for sure Their eternal destruction is the only cure A crater in the desert where the enemy once lay To unite our country, this is the only way. To banish our country from the pages of time Is their solution to the occupation crime. If you're so obsessed with virulent threats Then I think the only sentence is a nuclear death. Perish in the flames, perish in the fire Only your deletion will quench my desire Parables of battles of brothers in soil A tale for the tyrants to basque in their oil If you're so obsessed from the armchair of the West Then the time has come... The war that never ends. Over and over again Time and time again Until humanity's end The war will never cease The Middle of the East The war that never ends It will only happen again...
Moving up the line to receive my prize Mashing all the work for the lunchtime grind Back on my back with lavish designs Cheddar cheese and pickle, it's feeding time. Fill up the tank with overpriced wank Today has me laughing all the way to the bank Over and over when will this end? Force fed my own cravings on a daily spend. Food is here for eating and eating is what I'll do I'm sick of all these meal times with no food in front of you. Why'd you make us feel like we're all such greedy pigs? I've had it, let's have it, I'll chew you down in bits. Too big for my stomach, are my eyes I'll let you be the judge of my plate size Too much to trifle, I may be sick Clearing my plate just a bit too quick Stuff your healthy eating and all your pointless trends If I die from heart attack, it's worth it in the end. Lunchtime grind.
The foreigners they come in breach of the line, eroding the boarders built up over time. If it's a problem for one then it's a problem for two, and for those who don't agree then the problem is you Get the fuck out of here. It's not an irrational fear. If it gives me the right, I'll go where I like, I'll take my leave without a fight. It's time for a cheap holiday Am I in a world where no one cares? Where human rights is a murderer's defence? Well if that's the case then there's nothing more to say, I think it's time for a cheap holiday. Where the sun, is always shining. And the people, they're always providing. Where I can go to relax, cuz I pay my tax, it's paradise here and that's a fact. It's a lot how home used to be, it's better over here or is it me?
Expunge 01:28
Give me a reason a Reason to ask why What am I doing here? When nothing with me is right I need a shot to my head To stop the plague that has spread I need a shot to my head Straight in my brain so I won't be dead Nothing is good enough The reasons don't make sense Imbalance strung and now I'm hung Think of me in the past tense Program set to burst The wires are split from the seams Logic is dead I won't wake up from this dream
Itch on my finger, I'll give you hell Bigger than me but that's just as well So when you fall face down in the dirt You'll think of life from death to birth Shoot to kill, and ask the questions later Shoot to kill, the targets marked in "black and white" Shoot to kill, don't keep your eye on the job Shoot to kill We already know who committed the crime They'll shout in protest but it ain't my time I'll just sit back and kick up my feet The next dead man waits on the street Something to get me out, Out of this place Everyone knows but they don't give a shit They'll sit there and poke, it's all just a joke but we are the ones who are left If you want it... Sever the ties, remove the haze from my eyes, petrified oh your petrified Claiming what's mine from bitter hands of those who'll dine, petrified oh your petrified. Tokens of blood for you to feast I don't wanna see, i don't wanna see your faces, out on the street You think we just take well I hope for your sake you've made your peace with the dead Cuz if you haven't... No longer alive, but if she saw whats inside, petrified oh your petrified Within my mind I've stopped that thought 1000 times: I wish you'd died oh I wish... you'd died. But instead You're petrified
All Of It 02:25
Shed the skin off of your kind So we can see what's underneath your rugged hide Paralysed are your true ties Won't move into the line of sight The mark Of death The horror Under the bed A Nazi red banner of hate is looming Over our heads If we don't fight back we will be losing All of it At least the ones in boots showed they meant it A new set of shoes won't prevent it Cranium smashed just to prove it Rushing from your ear now you lose it.
Sand and stones and lemonade English waves, extremely tame Fold out chairs are kinda nifty Make sure you rub that factor fifty I like the sea I like the sea Good old fashioned beach party I like the sea I like the sea You can't take it away from me I like the sea! I like it when it's really hot I'll burn until I peel a lot Paddling is for fucking pussies Freezing cold water is where I'm cushdy The sound of a sticky arcade Where I throw away all my change There's sand in my shoes and I dunno why When I'm in the car on the M25 I'm just telling you I like the sea And you can't take that away from me
Killjoy 00:59
Is there any life left in you? Every time you just say "don't do" Dressing loud, I think its compensation, for an underfunded charisma situation You're a fucking Killjoy Drunk on leather flouncing round So you can wank off in your crowd Over spikes and lack of talent Just jealous of the things you haven't You're a fucking Killjoy
Suspicion aroused We better go on down They come on strong A couple of vans along Criminal minds Outsmart us not this time On the Run I guess we better not jump the gun Just another Another face on the TV Just another Another Met Police controversy Goes to court Investigation report A fed runs a muck Well look at his luck Judge decrees A lawful killing on duty Spit in the face of all that is just But never mind, its not a fuss Just another Another face on the TV Just another Another Met Police controversy
Can't Win 01:28
The right is left and the left is right So if you want a place then just pick your side Pick your poison to spew your mind Bite your nose to spill your insides Believe in the people, they don't know shit Believe in me, I'm just a hypocrite Believe in the system to get you in Even then, you still can't win You'll say no idols while behind your back Your martyrs are perched ready for attack Fuck you commie, you prey on the weak Lack minded fools is what the fascists seek Believe in the people, they don't know shit Believe in me, I'm just a hypocrite Believe in the system to get you in Even then, you still can't win


This is Advanced Perspective number 32.


released March 10, 2020

Tracks 1 & 2 from "Coin Toss" / Tracks 3 - 8 from "Local Heroes" / Tracks 9 -15 Contained on the LK Demo / Track 16 recorded by Tom Pimlott for QCHQ Radio / Interview by Ola Herbich. Tracks 1-15 recorded at Fuzzbrain Studios by Ben Spence. Mixed by Scott Rockingham. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. All Photos by Alisha Dar. All artwork, text, and inlays by Karim Newble.


all rights reserved



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Est. 2015 in Huntington Park, California.

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